For all of life's recurrences

Goalery® combines list making, scheduling, goal setting, and caregiving for families and teams in one streamlined and secure app. Add on the Goalery tracker, custom prompting and graphing, and the possibilities are endless.

Goalery® is for everyone


Whether you are caring for one person or an entire family, Goalery keeps you organized and in sync with your loved ones.


Need to track medicine, an exercise regimen, or even how you feel? Use Goalery to stay on course with schedules, do journaling, and chart progress.


Collaborate with friends, colleagues, and family by using Goalery to plan, track, and review their status and progress.


Set personal goals and let Goalery help you realize your potential.

Whether you use Goalery for yourself or to collaborate with others, it's a space where you can organize your thoughts, connect with others, and get things done.

Goalery Basics

For All of Life's Occurrences

Syncs in real-time from the cloud to web and mobile - iOS and Android.


Offers multiple ways to track recurring activities without cluttering your calendar.


Target information for charting and visualizing habits and progress.


Choose what to share with members of your family or team – to-dos, schedules, and activities.


Make a journal of activities for review and analysis.


Provides premium security and privacy.

Goalery is Versatile

Above and beyond to-dos

Can your to-do app do this?

  • Lists

    Make re-usable lists like grocery and packing lists. Make short-term and long-term lists, master lists and sublists - any kind of list to help you organize your thoughts and your life.

  • Trackers

    Use trackers to tell you when you last did something. Schedule it to appear on your to-do list after a certain amount of time. It’s so powerful, it can reveal trends and patterns.

  • Prompts

    How do you feel? What did you eat? How long did you practice? Design a custom prompt to pop up when completing an activity to gather additional information about the activity.

  • Analysis

    Find the information you need in one place to review and make sense of life's occurences - who did what and when, details in notes and custom data, and graphs that reveal trends.

Goalery Gallery

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  • Grocery lists
    Grocery lists

    Create lists you can share and assign. Easily re-use items without having to repeatedly recreate them.

  • Caregiving tasks
    Caregiving tasks

    Assign your loved one's medicine schedule to the caregiver and monitor the vital activities.

  • Recurring meds
    Recurring meds

    Take the same meds at different times? Enter all relevant info in one place.

  • Mark done
    Custom prompts
                  done for taking blood pressure

    Track stats, jot down observations, and select when and who did it. It's done!

  • Graph trends
                  blood pressure trends

    Graphing your data can help you visualize trends and detect issues.

  • Custom info
    Custom prompts
    Prompting for pain
                  level range

    Need to know how someone is feeling after taking meds? Just ask the question.

  • Journaling
    Review history
                  of calls with notes

    Ever have trouble recalling when you last called someone? Goalery can help.

  • Family trackers
    Track family
                  music practice, dog meds, and movie night.

    Trackers show you the last time you did something like giving meds to your pet.

  • Family schedules
                  family chores, sports games, pet meds - schedules and to-dos.

    Family schedule at a glance. Repeating activities display once, letting you focus on key information.

  • Multi feedback
    Music practice
                  check list and prompt for practice time when completing a task.

    Combine lists and prompts to customize what you want to remember when you complete an activity.

  • Countdown
    Custom displays
    Optional activity
                  date/time display as a countdown of date and time.

    Counting down can get more attention than just a date.

  • Multi activities
    Plan related
                  activities within same goal

    Organize similar activities under one goal to easily plan and review activities in one place.

  • Get organized
    Groups help to
                  organize goals

    Group related goals for sharing and privacy.

  • Family et al.
    Goalery members
    Members of family and
                  friends, and even pets - with and without connections or accounts

    Connect with friends, family, & teams. Not all members need to be online - not Goldie!

  • Simple repeating
    Plan recurring

    Invite one or more members to the weekly meeting. Recurrence is easy and flexible.

  • Groupings
    Private and secure
    Personal grouping - schedules, to-do, and completed

    Encrypt and password enable groupings to create a secure and private environment for yourself and your teams.

Our Story

Rich and Grace Johnson conceived of Goalery when Rich was undergoing treatment for cancer. Grace kept track of all the meds, feedings, reactions, and results using an Excel spreadsheet to log vital information for the medical team. While Grace was out chauffeuring the kids to various activities, she couldn't tell if Rich took his meds on time. It was equally important that the kids stay on task with their homework and music practice. Then factor in Grandma and Grandpa who also needed help tracking their meds and appointments.

That was the genesis of Goalery, an app that's easy to use for setting objectives, tracking who's doing what, when, and how, and providing support for family and teams. It's like a family communication center where you share information, responsibilities, and achievements!

Rich is now cancer-free. He and Grace have developed an innovative approach to help manage personal and family goals. They and their team passionately believe that Goalery can make a difference to many families who face similar challenges in managing their daily lives.